My Big Fat Kitchen Remodel: DEMOLITION!

We’re ready, set . . . time to go!   Demolition on our old kitchen began on June 15 by our general contractor, Jay Grimstad, Winter Hill Construction Inc..  Jay brought his son, Caleb, along to assist.  My beautiful bas relief of Aphrodite and Cupid must move to a guest bedroom–probably a better location for her anyway (goodbye, Aphrodite . . . sniff!).

Aphrodite in Kitchen nook

After the table, lamp, and bas relief were moved, the kitchen nook looked empty:

The next step was to take all the cabinet hardware off, remove the cabinets and have the Rebuilding Center pick up the appliances.  I was impressed with the very cool power drill/screwdriver that Caleb is using which has it’s own built-in light (notice the bright spot on the door).  How handy would this be in many applications?

This looks like a completely demolished kitchen, right?  But wait!  There’s more!   They still had to remove the lath and plaster from ceiling and walls:

It took Jay and Caleb two days to demo the kitchen–a VERY long time for such a tiny space, and most of that time was taken up with removing the lath and plaster.  Even though we’ve lived in this lovely old house for six years, I never really understood why it’s so hard to pound a nail into a lath and plaster wall, but now I do.  The plaster is like cement! Previously, I’d assumed it was, well, like plaster.  Jay and Caleb very carefully removed the lath from the plaster so they could recycle the wood lath.  NOW we were down to the studs.

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  • Donna Pizzi says:

    Kathia! Wow… Thanks for this blow-by-blow experience with your wonderful writing style to accompany it. Of course, we LOVE Aphrodite, too, but are curious what will replace her and the entire kitchen. What is the look you’re headed toward? Can’t wait! Keep up the great blogging & designing. Winning combo, for sure.

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    What fun! Where is the picture of you and Jim next to the dumpster?

    You should have hosted a “house wrecking party.” I used to invite my friends over for wine and a barbecue — after they whacked at the wall with a sledge hammer at least once.

    • Kathia Emery says:

      Donna–The new look will still be traditional and very classic, but with a completely different layout, much better lighting, more storage, and more counter space.
      Jeanne–I KNOW that demo is your favorite sport! Too bad you weren’t in Portland for this, or I would have had you over to take a whack.

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