My Big Fat Kitchen Remodel: LET THERE BE LIGHT! (and cabinets)

I’m skipping over showing pictures of our terrific contractor, Jay Grimstad, at Winter Hill Construction, moving our back door so that it lines up with the French doors opposite, giving us space to put an additional counter.  I’m also skipping over the sheetrocking portion of the remodel, mainly because the sheet rock guys sealed off the doors that feed from the kitchen to our dining room and hallway, making picture taking impossible.    We wanted to keep the same wall color as before (“Pumpkin” from the Historic Colour Collection by Miller Paint ), so after the sheetrock went in,  the walls and ceilings were painted.

The big TA-DA! was having the cabinets delivered and installed.  Here are photos of the guys from Kitchens and More figuring out what goes where:

Now it’s starting to look like a kitchen again!   In the old kitchen, the base cabinets were painted black, so there wasn’t as much light reflected.  The new cabinets are gorgeous, and having them all painted white really makes the room feel brighter.  It’s not apparent from the photos above, but the lighting has not been installed yet.   Here it comes!

The order of things dictates that cabinets must be installed prior to lighting, which is obvious when you think about it.  The first photo above shows  our electrician, John Kelso, from Omni Electric, installing Xenon under-cabinet lighting.  The next photo shows him installing switches.   He also added eleven recessed cans in the ceiling for task lighting.   Both the under-cabinet and ceiling lights are on dimmer switches for maximum flexibility.  What a contrast to the single center fixture in the ceiling that was the sole source of light in the kitchen when we moved in six years ago. Oh, wait. I forgot about the tube fluorescents that were under some of the upper cabinets.  I’m sure they were the latest thing back in 1959.

With the cabinets and lighting in, the new space is finally beginning to feel like a real kitchen.  Since we are still lacking floors, countertops, and appliances, we obviously can’t cook here yet.  So I’m doing my best in our “auxiliary kitchen” in the basement.  Here’s tonight’s dinner–a grilled steak salad with Gorgonzola dressing:

Bon appetit!

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