Icing on the Cake

Often we receive referrals from remodeling contractors, for which we are very grateful.  The contractor will have just completed doing a beautiful remodel, and the client isn’t sure what to do with the shiny, new empty space.  At that point the contractor will refer the clients to Emery and Associates because they know that we can provide furnishings that will enhance the remodeling project–we provide the icing on the cake for the client’s rooms.

Kathia and Ivy search for fabrics at trade-only designer showroom

Craftsman Design and Renovation, a local design/build firm, remodeled a daylight basement room, turning it from a “catch-all” space into a functional family den (see “before” and “after” photos, below), and then referred the clients to Emery and Associates.  Our task was to take this space that now had beautiful cherry cabinets and teal colored walls, and turn it into a relaxed and welcoming room that could be used by all members of the family.


Remodeled den--needs furnishings!

Usually when the issue of color palette comes to the table, we have several ways of approaching it.  We ask clients which colors they love and hate, and then we develop the palette with an object that incorporates the preferred colors:  an Oriental rug or a piece of art.  If the client doesn’t own one of the aforementioned objects, often we will begin with a fabric search to develop a palette, since interior designers and architects have access to a great variety of unique fabrics through trade-only showrooms, which is what we did on this project.  Since the wall color (teal) and millwork stain color (cherry) had been selected prior to our involvement, we used those two colors as a jumping off place when looking for furnishings. The homeowners specifically asked for window treatments, seat cushions for the window seat, a sofa, a desk chair, a lamp, and a comfy chair for reading.

We began with a stylized floral print fabric for the Roman shades that incorporated the wall color as well as the orange tones of the cherry wood, since the clients had specifically asked for a traditional look with country European elements.  The French chair in the corner is covered in a brown and cream Ikat fabric, and we’ve thrown in some stripes and textures on the toss pillows along with one animal print on the window seat–bet you didn’t know that leopard is the new neutral!  The  sofa was custom built to exactly fit the space, and cocoa colored fabric we selected is very family friendly.  A small-scaled antique red English Regency-style table with bamboo turnings and a cane top under glass provides a handy place for a book or cup of coffee.  The rattan desk chair adds more texture and a casual feeling.  Walls and bookshelves display family photos and memorabilia.  Now the completed room provides an intimate space for coffee and conversation as well as cozy corners for putting feet up and reading.

Detail of fabrics

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