Sweet Dreams

Often the master bedroom is the last room in the house a homeowner tackles, probably because it’s a private space–not the first room seen when guests enter the home.  However, it is a space where the homeowners will spend a large part of their time, so it’s important to make it inviting and comfortable.

The homeowners whose bedroom is shown below had only one major issue with the room:  light leaking in through the shutters in the bay window.  However, once we started discussing the space, other issues emerged.


Munro bed:BEFORE



The bed itself lacked interest, and the wife didn’t like it, so I suggested a more interesting headboard, upholstered in the same spa blue as new draperies, which would have block out lining, and be installed from wall to wall, completely covering the bay window when drawn closed.  The drapery not only solves the light gap problem, but the beautiful, spa blue fabric adds softness and color in this very traditional room.  For bed linens, we mixed floral (feminine) with paisley and houndstooth checks (masculine), so  the space would be equally appealing to both husband and wife.  The homeowners had two lovely antique dressers, one of them located on the focal wall where the headboard of the bed needed to be, so I persuaded them to rearrange the furnishings.

Munro MBR Bedding detail

DETAIL:  Bed linen fabrics from Kravet by Ralph Lauren


We replaced the three small rugs with one large, room-sized Oushak from NW Rugs, which makes the room feel larger and more pulled together.  We added night stands for storage, and when I couldn’t find lamps that I liked for this space, I asked Naomi’s Lamp Shop to make lamps from a pair of burgundy vases.  The pair of benches at the end of the bed came from another room in the house, and work perfectly as a spot to perch on while dressing.  Notice how many pairs of things there are in this room!  Symmetry is one indicator of very traditional design, and it also is symbolic of two people being in a relationship.

Munro AFTER HdBd


Now the room feels pulled together, with additional storage space provided by the new night stands, and enough color and pattern to be interesting, yet restful.  If your bedroom has a bad case of the “blahs,” give Emery & Associates a call.  We would love to help you transform your bedroom from drab to dreamy.

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  • Laura Erickson says:

    What a great job for that traditional bedroom! The headboard is outstanding. BTW I also love the soft teal blue of the guest bath in “Pulled Together”.

  • The updated yet traditional fabrics and so well in that room. The window treatment and headboard made the room stand out. Great job!

  • Joan Rogers says:

    I love the combination of masculine and feminine aesthetics…really brilliant.

  • Judi Cleghorn says:

    Another lovely transformation, Kathia. You have the Midas touch! The “before” bedroom was certainly without sparkle; now the room beckons, rather than looking like an after-thought. Love the shaped and upholstered headboard, and coordinating it with the curtains.

    One comment: On our own bay windows (a very slight bay), when the blinds are drawn, there is a frightening amount of heat build-up between blinds and window, so we always have to have the window slightly opened if we’re closing the blinds. However, as you know, our windows face west and get the full sun and the water reflection, too. I guess it’s a good problem to have, with a lovely water view, but the heat issue is not something I expected, nor have I ever read about it!

    • Kathia Emery says:

      An interesting dilemma, Judi. I did not know about that, and will keep it in mind for any future projects where windows have the kind of heat build up you are talking about.

  • Margaret Retz says:

    What a lovely bedroom make over you have created here, Kathia. I feel a warmth and calmness that your design and fabric mix conveys. What a dramatic change. I would be totally relaxed and at home in this room.

  • Shari House says:

    The before bedroom seemed to have a “flat affect” or stagnant look. The new headboard changes this mood entirely as does the design movement in the rug and bedspread. This draws the eye to the pillows. The design shapes in the rug and bedspread seem to repeat in the lamp bases. Great work!

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