5 Easy Essentials for Fall Decorating

Doesn’t have to be all orange.  I love to mix a variety of pomegranates, gourds, and flowers with blue and white porcelain and table linens.

Don’t forget the chandelier!  My favorite corvids grace the chandelier every year during Halloween season.  What else can you think of to put on yours?

Design principle for all seasons: repetition.  The tea tray in the dining room, with another crow, and another pop of orange.

Engage all of the senses . . .  Scented candles, cinnamon-spiced treats, and music are all essential to the mood of the season.

Sprinkle in some bling.  Tired of hay bales and dried corn?  Try adding a bit of glitz to your front porch with metallic spray paint and upholstery tacks.

Autumn is my favorite season, and Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Hope these decorating tips have inspired you to get ready for the change of seasons.  We at Emery & Associates wish you a happy fall!

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