The Secret to Living Artfully

“Big Cat” by G. Hamilton
Designer’s Collection

Portland has many fine galleries, and they are well worth exploring, but I’m going to let you in on the best kept secret in town for becoming acquainted with REAL art: the Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery (RSG). I’ve used their services many times for myself (see the painting above, presently hanging over my living room mantel), as well as for clients.

The image of the art world is frightening to many people, but the first secret to becoming comfortable with art is being saturated with it. You will gain expertise and confidence simply by soaking up physically all the art your eyes can digest. Besides all the art hanging on the walls of the RSG, they also have dozens of pull-out panels hung with multiple pieces of art, as shown here by RSG Director, Jennifer Zika.

At the RSG, you can choose from over 1500 original works of art by more than 250 regional artists. Mediums include oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings; wood, metal and stone sculpture; drawings; collages; photography and framed prints. And best of all, you can not only purchase art, but RENT art, with rates starting as low as $40 for three months (renewable for a second term). This way, you get six months to decide whether you want to make the piece part of your personal collection. And if you choose to buy it, the rental fee counts towards your purchase price! For purchasing art, the RSG has interest-free monthly payment plans to make your new original art more affordable. That’s the way I got my G. Hamilton “Big Cat.”

“When the Sky Turns”
Marble sculpture by M.J. Anderson

Besides renting to individuals, the RSG rents art to corporations, law firms, hospitals, clinics, financial firms and condos (for lobby spaces). They also offer personal consultation in your home or office at no extra cost. If you need art delivered, they will do that for a fee. The only condition for renting art from the RSG is that you must be a member of the Portland Art Museum, which you can join at the RSG.

Even though many of our clients have fine art collections (I’m preaching to the choir here), I strongly encourage those of you who have no original art hanging on your walls to visit the RSG. They are open every day except Monday, and I have no doubt you will find something that calls to you personally. If you want Emery & Associates to give you assistance, please call us. We believe everyone should live artfully.

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  • Donna Pizzi says:

    What a wonderfully informative post, Kathia! That is an amazingly low price for renting amazing works of art. As always, you are an inspiration. I invite others to turn to you for interior design and art acquisition advice.

  • Shari House says:

    This option is enviable…I will have to see if our humble town has this to offer. It seems that I get used to the same walls and hangings and neglect to really look at them. Changing things up and possibly finding something new would be good for the spirit…like your spirited cat example!

  • Laura Erickson says:

    Once again, Kathia, you’ve nailed it! I have been aware of this program for many years, thanks to Kathy Gross, but Bob and I still enjoy our own acquisitions. This is a great idea for those just starting out.

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Dear Kathia,

    Great reminder. I remember this from years ago, but didn’t think that rental of nice art was still available. The right painting can transform a room and pull it all together….with your help!

  • Letha Young says:

    Kathia! You spoiled my secret!!! I love using RSG and have actually purchased more than one of my rentals after falling in love with them.

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