4 Tips for Downsizing

If you or someone you know is thinking of moving to a smaller home or a retirement community, here are some tips that will help make your transition smoother.

AFTER photo of small retirement apartment designed by Emery & Associates

1. Start a “TO DO” notebook

Here you will list the tasks that need doing, as well as names of professionals whose services you may need for your adventure. These include packers, movers, contractors, antique appraisers, collectable professionals, vendors, handy people, painters, professional organizers, and interior designers.

BEFORE photo of small retirement apartment. Can you believe the photo above is the same space?

2. Inventory your furnishings

Measure and photograph every item of furniture you believe you want to take with you. Purchase furniture templates at 1/4″ scale from an art supply store or download them from the internet.

3. Make a floor plan

Using 1/4″ graph paper, or working from a plan provided by your community (be sure it’s at 1/4″ scale) place each piece of furniture and area rug you believe you want to take with you to the new living space onto your floor plan.

4. Revise your expectations . . .

Unload anything that won’t fit. Determine which pieces you need to give up, and make plans to sell, give away, throw away, or donate each piece. Enjoy this opportunity to unburden yourself of anything that does not bring you joy (to quote Marie Kondo).

Should all of this appear too perplexing or arduous for you, please give us a call. During the past 25 years Emery & Associates have done numerous projects for clients who are “in transition.” We’ve done apartments and condos for seniors who are downsizing, as well as for middle-aged clients who are going through divorces or other kinds of traumatic changes, most often moving from large homes to much smaller living spaces. We are able to empathize with the client’s angst during these changes, and at the same time help them sort through their possessions with scaled-out floor plans in hand so we can show them what will FIT, literally, into the space, as well as what may need to go away or be replaced. We are confident that you will feel enriched rather than diminished by the experience.

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