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National Design Magazine Picks Up My Kitchen!

My Big Fat Kitchen Remodel: We’re Cooking!

Over the years I’ve fallen madly, madly in love with Carrara marble–it’s so classic,  timeless, and beautiful.  I’d seen the gorgeous marble counters that my stone fabricator, Conrad Stonecutter, had done for kitchens, libraries, laundry rooms, and other spaces in Street of Dreams houses.  I had specified it for clients’ bathroom counters, floors and walls. […]

My Big, Fat Kitchen Remodel: Grounded!

When it comes to flooring, I’ve always known that I wanted black and white marble tile, set “on point.”  Maybe it was all those years of classical piano training on the black-and-white keyboard.  Maybe it was seeing the flooring on trips to Europe, most recently on our trip to Greece, but previously with my cousin, […]

My Big Fat Kitchen Remodel: LET THERE BE LIGHT! (and cabinets)

I’m skipping over showing pictures of our terrific contractor, Jay Grimstad, at Winter Hill Construction, moving our back door so that it lines up with the French doors opposite, giving us space to put an additional counter.  I’m also skipping over the sheetrocking portion of the remodel, mainly because the sheet rock guys sealed off […]

My Big Fat Kitchen Remodel: DEMOLITION!

We’re ready, set . . . time to go!   Demolition on our old kitchen began on June 15 by our general contractor, Jay Grimstad, Winter Hill Construction Inc..  Jay brought his son, Caleb, along to assist.  My beautiful bas relief of Aphrodite and Cupid must move to a guest bedroom–probably a better location for her […]

My Big Fat Kitchen Remodel–Getting Ready

We returned from a wonderful trip to Greece at the beginning of May, and our kitchen remodel was scheduled to start in a month.  My husband and I are both mad about Greek food, and were attempting to reproduce many of the wonderful things we sampled on our trip (spanakopita, moussaka, tzatsiki) in our tiny, […]

houzz interior design ideas