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MBR 2016


This year we changed up our master bedroom.  It went from earthy, Tuscan colors–sage, gold, and red–to spa blue with crisp white linens to echo the white trim, now more prominent than ever with the draperies removed.  Never mind that the bedroom in its previous incarnation had been published in a magazine in 2007 (see below).

MBR old


I was tired of the earthy colors and the silk draperies that I had brought from my previous home, and the room was starting to feel dated.  My taste is classic/traditional, but I needed to get the old lady out of the room!

Beginning with the wall color, Benjamin Moore “Tranquility,” we changed the background (and by “we,” I mean my excellent painter, Peter Weller).  I found a silk fabric for the back drapery that was almost a perfect match for it.  I went shopping for new linens, and stumbled onto a sale at French Quarter (white coverlet, Euro shams, sheets), and picked up the  Greek key trimmed pillow shams at Restoration Hardware, along with the spa-colored silk coverlet and Euro sham.  The chair in the corner was reupholstered in a Kravet embroidered fabric, which I had Fibre-Sealed.  We kept ALL the furniture, the lamps, and the rug, but the room has a completely different mood and feeling.   Now, I feel like I’m sleeping in a cloud. MBR 2016 detail

Over the past 10 years or so a number of clients have asked me to design their master bedroom to look like “a beautiful hotel room.”  This baffled me at first, because I rarely came upon a bedroom in a hotel that I liked as much as my own bedroom (well, there was that one in Venice . . .).  What I realized was that hotel rooms have something that very few personal bedrooms have:  order and simplicity.  If your bedroom lacks storage,  clutter accumulates.   Often it’s the last room in the house that people decide to tackle, so it becomes a catch-all space.  Or, you have had the same furnishings since you were 25,  and now you are 55 and your taste has changed dramatically.  Whatever the reason, give yourself permission to have a beautiful bedroom, and let us know if Emery & Associates can help.  We love providing room service.


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  • Jim says:

    It must be, and still is, a peaceful room. I can even live with the two pictures on the far wall not quite being parallel.

  • Kate Georges says:

    Beautiful. I love the sky blue with toasty taupe. It is warm, cozy and inviting but cool and sophisticated at the same time!

  • Jeanne says:

    I loved the old room. I’m jealous of the “new” room. Oh that I could use my antique white bedspread. Unfortunately it wouldn’t work with the old husband and the new dog. But great look, as always, Kathia!

  • Judi says:

    What a beautiful change, Kathia! I am also tiring of the many warm tones in our home, and plotting repainting…perhaps it’s the Zeitgeist? I love the tranquil feel of the new look! Fabulous, as always!

  • Two very different sleeping moods! I like them both, but when you mention the cloud, the new look is definitely calm and floaty. I love the “spa blue”. Was this formerly “robin’s egg blue”? Paint colors must have interesting updates.

  • Kathia Emery says:

    To answer Shari House’s question, this color is more grayed than “robin’s egg blue.” You could also call it “sea glass.” It is somewhere between blue and green. Colors trend in and out. This color has been trending for several years, and I expect it’s on its way out now, but I love it.

  • Hi Kathia! Gorgeous as always — soft and inviting!

  • Donna Pizzi says:

    How did I miss this post! Absolutely love the “new” look. It is deliciously cool and heavenly. Lovely, lovely job! Always find your posts so informative, and the sense of adventure found in them is palpable. Brava!!!

  • Mary Marglin says:

    I, too, like them both. Your post caused me to think about a color change. Our bedroom, bathroom and sunroom are all the same warm neutral color, which I like in the bedroom. But it very boring to have the same color in the bathroom and sunroom whose walls can be seen from the bedroom. Are color transitions/changes recommended when two rooms are visible from a bedroom? If so, should both rooms be painted the same change of color?

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