Realizing Dreams: Master Bedroom Makeover

A few months ago Helene Cogen moved from Miami, Florida, to Portland, Oregon, because her children and grandchildren live here.  She had owned a home here for years, but only used it in the summer, so it was furnished like a beach house–very casual, with lots of white wicker furniture.  With a permanent move, she wanted to use her elegant Miami furniture, as much as would fit, and asked Emery & Associates to help place her existing furnishings. We also helped provide furnishings where she wanted big changes.  The master bedroom is probably the most dramatic example.

Helene showed us photographs of her furnishings and art that were on their way from Miami.  It was clear from the moment we met her that she is a woman of great taste and sophistication, someone who truly appreciates art and beauty.  We presented a variety of palettes to see which ones resonated for her.  She likes neutrals, but is also very fond of aqua and deeper blue-greens.  When we presented the watercolor print shown in the detail photo below, together with the bamboo trellis wallpaper and teal wool plush for the headboard, everything came together.

As soon as the decision was made to go ahead, our expert craftspersons have been sewing pillows, bedding, and drapery; fabricating upholstery; repairing and refinishing wood furniture; painting, and hanging wallpaper. Today the draperies were installed, so I was able to take a shot of the room from the same angle as the “before” shot I took six months ago, below:

BEFORE: Helene’s Master Bedroom

Quel difference! This space now feels refreshed and updated, as well as dreamy and inviting. The Grange night stands and dresser are from Helene’s Miami home, as are the lamps and corner chair. We’ve added new carpeting, wall covering and paint, as well as the upholstered headboard, bed linens, and draw draperies.

AFTER: Helene’s Master Bedroom

Too often the bedroom is neglected in favor of decorating public rooms, which is why we are grateful to our client for her willingness make her master bedroom a priority. If your bedroom is making you tired instead of refreshing you, give yourself permission to have a beautiful boudoir.  Give Emery & Associates a call–we love helping clients realize their dreams.


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  • Jim says:

    A wonderful example of elegance. The before isn’t shabby–after all, Helene has good taste–but the after takes it to a new plateau. Tip of the hat to both designer and client.

  • The “after” look is a bright, new statement with a lot more to say! The wall covering is set off by the rich teal color and oriental shape of the headboard. There’s an element of silk shantung to the whole outcome. Unique work..I like it!

  • Donna Pizzi says:

    Kathia, beautiful job, as always. I particularly love the wallpaper and new geometric style headboard! Bravissima. Much more elegant and striking, yet soothing for a great night’s sleep. Bedrooms are, as you say, the least noticed portion of a home, but what a difference it makes to upgrade them as you have done so ably and beautifully here…

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