3 Ways to Transform Your Master Bedroom

Recently we had the good fortune to transform a client’s master bedroom from lackluster to luscious. There are many ways to do this, but my top three favorites are:

1. Personalize your furnishings. These clients are avid birdwatchers, and recently moved to a condo overlooking the Willamette River that teems with local waterfowl, raptors, and many other birds. They have a large collection of paintings and sculpture that feature feathered creatures of all kinds, and I felt this interest was under-represented in the bedroom. My presentation of the large-scale, watercolor linen by Kravet (“Sparrows”) for drapery was a way to bring their major interest front and center. They loved it, and it kicked off all the other choices.

View of Willamette River from client’s condo

2. Add color! The “before” shot has a little bit of color (celadon green in the lamps and quilt at the end of the bed), but it’s not enough to make this room feel alive and interesting. I like a limited palette, in this case taken from the printed linen: taupe for the headboard wall, aqua on the upholstered headboard and pair of chairs, and a pop of red with flowers. The luxury bedding echoes the wall color and is a serene contrast to the vibrant drapery.

Master Bedroom BEFORE

3. Make sure the headboard is the focal point of the room. In the “before” photo the wooden headboard is mostly hidden behind the bedding, and the art above the bed lacks cohesiveness. We used an aqua chenille for the upholstered headboard (“KravetArmor”), and placed it against the slightly darker wall to create an intimate, cohesive feeling (this figure/ground reversal is something I love to do whenever possible). We also added contemporary night stands flanking the bed in a color lighter than the wall.

Master Bedroom AFTER

Now the room feels inviting, pulled-together, and reflects the clients’ interests and taste. They are thrilled with the results, which makes me very happy. If you feel stumped about how to transform your bedroom, give Emery & Associates a call! We would love to collaborate with you.

My thanks to everyone who worked on this project: headboard/pair of chairs by DFI Custom Upholstery; drapery, Euro pillow, bedskirt by Corby Watkins; drapery installation by Window Coverings Solutions; drapery hardware by Kirsch from Best Window Coverings; nightstands by Woodbridge from Parker Furniture; coverlet and pair of Euro Shams from Manor Fine Wares; painted headboard wall by Peter Weller.

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