I love It When a Plan Comes Together!

BA Ancestor HIM

The Bauman family recently inherited two magnificent ancestor portraits, which deserve to be prominently displayed in their living room.  Fortunately, when we remodeled their living room four years ago, we added new recessed lighting, even though adding lighting wasn’t on their original list of “must haves.” (See my very first post on this site–put title “Tricks for Transformation” into the search box).  I recommended the new lighting on general principles, and in anticipation that these paintings would arrive at some point in the future.  That day has arrived.

Here are the good people from Fine Art Services hanging the corresponding portrait to the left of the fireplace:

BA-Art Hangers

It pays to have professionals hang paintings for you, especially if you live in a house with lath-and-plaster walls.  I was on site to give my two cents about positioning, but these pros really didn’t need my input (they do work for galleries all around the region).

BA LR w:Portrait in Mirror

I love how the ancestor portrait is reflected in the mirror above the sofa.

Retrofitting recessed lighting in an older home is always a messy, expensive option, but nothing makes as much impact to an interior.  It’s one of those changes that we at Emery & Associates lobby for on any project with the budget for major transformation.  I’m so grateful that the Baumans saw the value of doing new lighting, even though it was four years before they inherited the paintings that are being illuminated.  It pays to plan ahead!


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  • Dinah Adkins says:

    Wonderful, Kathia! They look great. I wish I’d thought to do new lighting upstairs when we moved into S.E. 29th. I eventually put recessed lighting in the theater room downstairs but miss not having it upstairs. This room looks lovely and inviting.

  • Kathia Emery says:

    Thanks so much, Dinah. You have managed to illuminate your own art with fixtures that don’t need to be wired in, and your living room looks beautiful.

  • I’m already looking for a spot for recessed lighting in my home! The portrait has a feature place and the added mirror reflection is cunning, as is the look on the gentleman’s face. Great outcome Kathia.

  • Marisa Schaer says:

    The harmonious blend of colors in this living room give it a restful yet intriguing aura. It must be due to the subtle lighting, at least in part.

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